Morgan Polite

...She’s one of many women in the Golden Isles who have launched and led their own businesses providing beauty and health services. Like Polite, they cater their products and treatments to what will make customers feel good inside and out.

Polite conducted plenty of research before she began purchasing the products on her shelves.
“Honestly it was all trial and error,” she says. “Before I had the store, I was making money off of social media. I would just make posts and have people pre-order things.”
After resigning from a previous job, Polite decided to take a leap and invest herself fully into Moe Lashes & Mo.
“I prayed so hard,” she says. “Like, I’m only 24. I don’t have any kids or anything like that, but I know there’s a lot at stake.”
The years she spent working at her prior job gave her experience with personal financial management and other responsibilities, which she has carried forward into her new business.
“I’m just very grateful to be in my position at my age,” she says.
Polite graduated from Brunswick High in 2015. She earned an associate’s degree in marketing management and is now pursuing a bachelor’s in logistics and supply chain management.
-Words by Lauren McDonald, Golden Isles Magazine